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Finnley Kisses Félix Arthur, called “Félix”

Félix lives in Marietta. GA

Click on photo below to see pedigree, hip and elbow results for Félix.Felix photo

Our dogs bio:

Félix is a loving, loyal, alert, attentive and obedient family pet, excellent travel companion and a smart, fast, focused and intuitive performance dog, excelling in training and trials. 

He joyfully  trains and competes in Agility, Scentwork and Obedience, consistently placing “in the ribbons”.  One of his greatest strengths as a working dog is his ability to focus and perform under pressure, as well as being super responsive to his handler. 

Félix lives every day to the fullest as a true stand-by-me dog, happy and loving, giving us more hugs, kisses and joy then we ever could have imagined!