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Simcoe Stabys Noorden Ridder , call name “Jorah”

Jorah lives in Saunderstown, RI.

Click on photo below to see pedigree, hip and elbow results for Jorah.

Our dogs bio:

Jorah was born August 22, 2014 in Ontario, Canada. When we arrived to pick him up to bring him home to Rhode Island, he was the only one of his siblings to immediately approach us and he has been a true “Stand by Me Dog” ever since.

Jorah is very intelligent and a quick learner. As a pup, he was housetrained very quickly and learned basic commands readily. He did well in “puppy kindergarten” and continues to learn as he is exposed to new situations and activities. Jorah is generally very responsive to commands, but like all Stabys there are occasions where he does choose to ignore us. When this occurs we try to ensure that he understands he’s not in charge. 

Jorah is very confident and well-adjusted. When he was eight months old, our first grandchild was born. We wondered how Jorah would react to no longer being the “baby of the family.” There was no need for concern. Jorah was gentle and loving with the new arrival and has continued to be as the baby has grown into a toddler. Jorah will bark to alert us when someone comes to the house but he will quiet quickly once it’s clear there is no reason for concern.

Hiking, romping on the beach and in the snow, and retrieving are among Jorah’s favorite activities. He loves encountering other dogs, especially where they have open space to run and play. He is as comfortable with much larger dogs as he is with smaller ones. He enjoys swimming but will usually wait to go into the water with us rather than running in by himself. Jorah is very scent-oriented and will track a scent for very long distances if allowed. He loves chasing squirrels and on occasion has some success!

Jorah is a family dog in every sense of the term. He is loving, enthusiastic and adaptable. He loves his people and his cats.