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Sterre of Fryske Point , call name “Ripple”

Ripple lives in Bluffton, SC in the winter and Chazy Lake, NY in the summer.

Click on photo below to see pedigree, hip and elbow results for Ripple.

Our dogs bio:

Ripple has been a real joy to our family. This is our first adventure with a male dog and our viewpoint on what sex is best has definitely been broadened by this fun guy. Every day he teaches me more about the joys of life. He wakes up happy and raring to go.

Ball drive – He loves to walk off leash in the woods or follow me on a bike ride. We also do agility together and Ripple has his first leg in AKC Jumpers with weaves. Ripple guards our properties not letting a single squirrel or deer go unnoticed. He would love to be used in field work, if I only had the time.

Ripple has no fear of anything and can be a monster to his quiet Mother, Tulip. He always wants all the attention and needs to be “put in his place” from time to time, but this is improving with age. Ripple can also be a huge love bug, so let’s say that he does everything with full on enthusiasm!

Ripple is 19.5 inches at the withers, and is 23.5 inches long. His coat is smooth will beautiful bushy pants and tail. The croup is a bit curly, mostly from swimming. His legs are of good length for his height and covered with ticking. His head has become a lovely masculine shape now that he is mature. Ripple weighs 48.5 lbs or 22 kg.

He likes to watch the birds from the boat or shore too!

Swimming is Ripple’s favorite pasttime in the summer. He keeps all the cormorants off our lake! Such a good swimmer that he will keep going for hours at a time.