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Arend Romeo Points of Wildrose, called “Finn”

Finn lives in Calgary, Alberta.

Click on photo below to see pedigree, hip and elbow results for Finn.Finn-Arend

Our dogs bio:

Finn’s aptly given kennel name “Romeo “characterizes his personality perfectly. He is loving, charming and loyal. In the morning, Finn rises early with his dad, sniffs under each other human’s door to ensure they’re present, then heads out on “neighborhood patrol”, where he likes to track the scent of rabbits. He is playful and great with other dogs. He especially enjoys playing with the neighbor’s miniature French bulldog, Arnold. Finn is very affectionate and often can be found curled up at the end of the bed after a long day, keeping his humans’ feet warm while they read. It is hard to imagine a time before Finn was a part of our family. He makes all of us so happy.Finn