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ASA Puppy Waitlist Questionnaire

ASA Puppy Waitlist Questionnaire

We would love to hear from you! Please fill out this form and we will get in touch with you shortly.

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Prospective Owner Application

Please use this form to tell us more about yourself and the type of pet you are looking to add to your family. PLEASE NOTE: After you submit your answers to the questions below, someone from the ASA Club will contact you to discuss our placement program. YOU WILL NEED TO RESPOND BACK to acknowledge the terms, and then we will place you on our waitlist. Thank you for your interest! The current price for a puppy is $3000.

About You

Tell us a little about yourself. Don’t be shy. Let’s be friends.
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What is the Best Way to Reach You?

Our breeders and the puppy mediators will want to chat with you. How can we get in touch with you?

Let's learn more about your desire for a Stabyhoun!

What areas of dog ownership interest you the most for your prospective dog?*
Do you have a gender preference? If so, why?*
If a puppy of your preferred gender is not available, would you want to be considered for one of the opposite sex?*

Let's now learn more about how a pet fits into your family life.

Please indicate the type of dwelling in which you live:*
Does anyone in your household have allergies to dogs or dog hair? Stabyhouns are not an allergy-free breed.*
Is there someone at home during the day to care for the dog? If not, what arrangements will be made to feed and exercise your dog?*

Okay, now let's discover your future hopes and plans for your puppy?

Let's get real! How far will you go and when are you ready?

Let's just recap the essentials.

The current price for a Staby is $3000 US in both the US and Canada. Please check that you have read this and understand.*
I will keep in touch periodically to maintain my interest in getting a puppy.*

Thank you for your interest in the Stabyhoun!