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Code of Ethics


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Version 5.0 – 1 May 2020



The main purpose of the Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Association, hereafter referred to as the ASA, is to preserve, protect and promote the health, character, appearance, and general well being of the Stabyhoun, as well as its natural working ability and other unique characteristics of the breed.

It is mandatory that those who are concerned with the propagation of physically, mentally and temperamentally sound Stabyhouns subscribe to the ASA Code of Ethics. Measures should be taken to acquaint the general public with the contents of this Code, so they may not become innocent partners in improper breeding practices and the detrimental use of the Stabyhoun.

The Breeders Advisory Committee of the ASA will use all the resources at their disposal to review my choices of suitable breeding partners for my Stabyhoun should I decide to pursue breeding.

The Breeders Advisory Committee’s advice will be given as either positive or negative. It remains up to the breeder and stud owner to make the ultimate choice of what level of risk they are willing to absorb. However, litters bred with negative advice will not receive the aide of the ASA puppy intermediary in placing pups.

    1. Positive advice will indicate that the BAC feels there is a low risk of the combination producing puppies with a heritable disease.

    2. Negative advice indicates a higher risk that the BAC would not recommend.


I agree to comply with each of the following ASA breeding requirements:

    1. Breed Standard Evaluation:

Each Staby must receive a minimum of two evaluations of very good or excellent from qualified FCI judges for this breed as approved by the ASA

      • Every attempt should be made to attend clubmatches and shows to obtain a qualified evaluation. These events are carefully planned to be educational for our owners as well as a fun gathering with other Stabys and members.   The Dutch Judges are friendly and professional, so members can speak openly and learn what an “ideal” Stabyhoun represents.

      • In lieu of these evaluations, the owner may apply to the BAC for temporary permission to breed prior to a final evaluation by a certified Judge for the breed. This application consists of the following:

          • Donation of $50 to the ASA, equivalent to a show evaluation

          • Description of the temperament and character

          • Form signed by Licensed Veterinarian checking teeth for bite and presence of all teeth, as well as documenting any health issues

          • Photographs showing conformation details – stand position from side, front and back

          • Video showing the movement of the Staby from the side, front and rear at dog’s eye level

The BAC will review this application and give an opinion on the Staby, however, no official rating will be granted. Only a certified judge’s evaluation will count as a VG or Excellent approval. This evaluation should be completed at the owner’s earliest opportunity.

    1. Temperament Regulations:

Both breeding partners need to be of excellent health mentally and temperamentally.

      • A questionnaire found on the website . This must be completed for each dog to help the BAC to assess any temperament issues that may influence the mental health of our breed.

      • Should a Staby appear to have behavioral issues, a mental and temperament assessment by an impartial third party, such as those professionals listed on the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC), may be required.

    1. Hip Dysplasia Regulations:

Each partner must be examined for the appearance of hip dysplasia. Pairings will be approved using the following criteria:

      • Dogs with the OFA grade of Excellent (A+), Good (A-), or Fair (B+), or equivalent ratings as judged by a reputable Veterinarian controlled registry, may be used for breeding in each arbitrary parent combination.

      • Dogs with the OFA grade of Borderline (B-) or Mild(C), or equivalent rating as judged by a reputable Veterinarian controlled registry, may be considered for breeding on a case per case basis by the Breed Advisory Committee based on their family history.

      • Dogs with the OFA grade of Moderate (D) or Severe (E), or equivalent rating as judged by a reputable Veterinarian controlled registry, may never be used for breeding.

      • Dogs with foreign registry may be used if they meet the comparable passing criteria of the country of origin.

See the chart below for comparison of different grading scales:


FCI (European)

BVA (UK/Australia)



0-4 (no > 3/hip)



5-10 (no > 6/hip)
















    1. Relationship restrictions:

      • A maximum of 2% inbreeding coefficient over four generations is allowed although the BAC

      • The same combination of stud and bitch (the same parent combination) is only permitted one time unless approved as an exception by the BAC.


    1. Age restrictions:

      • The bitch cannot be older than 72 months (6 years) at the breeding of her first litter.

      • The bitch may not be bred after the day she reaches 96 months (8 years) of age and may have no more than 3 litters in her lifetime.

      • The bitch must be 24 months or older at the time of breeding.

      • The male must be 24 months or older, at the time of breeding. An exception to this regulation may be made if the male is 18 months or older and has passed a preliminary OFA hip examination or its equivalent and has a normal reading in the elbows. A request for this exception must be presented to the Breeders Advisory Committee of the ASA at least one month before the proposed breeding and must be accepted by this Committee.

    1. Health/Genetic considerations:

      • All births should occur naturally without the need for extreme measures.

      • If the birth of a litter is done by means of a Caesarean Section, a consultation on future breeding should occur between the BAC, the breeder and the veterinarian.

      • The bitch may not produce more than two litters in a 24 month period, with the understanding that the time period between the last whelping date and the next breeding must be at least 9 months. This regulation will ensure that the health of the litter produced may be evaluated for signs of inheritable diseases prior to another pairing.

      • The male may stud no more than 1 litter in a single calendar year, with a total maximum of 3 litters in his lifetime. Between uses as a stud, the offspring need to be evaluated for any signs of inheritable diseases and temperament.

      • Dogs that suffer from epilepsy, are kink tailed, are unilateral or bilateral cryptorchid, are tri-colored, or who have been operated on for elbow dysplasia or have a Grade 3 and above elbow dysplasia reading will not be bred. As other diseases in the breed arise, such as SRMA or cancer, sufferers will be excluded from the gene pool.

      • Dogs that are not clear from birth of Cerebral Dysfunction must be tested. Two carriers cannot be mated together; one of the partners must be clear of CD.

      • All puppies born into a litter shall be DNA tested utilizing EMBARK Breeder DNA testing, preferably in the first week to ensure timely results. Test results are to be conveyed to the puppy buyer, as well as the ASA Breeder Advisory Committee for inclusion in medical research and breeding advice decisions.

      • With all matings, the ASA Breeder Advisory Committee reserves the right to make exceptions that are in the best interest of the breed in general.

    1. Artificial Insemination. Breeding by natural methods is encouraged. Due to the rarity of the Stabyhoun breed in the U.S. and Canada, artificial insemination will be allowed.



    1. If I breed my bitch or use my stud dog in service, I will keep accurate records and retain those records for a minimum of five years and to make that information readily available to the ASA Board. These records will include: stud service contracts, pedigrees, all litters of puppies for sale, and all dogs/puppies sold.

    2. If either or both the stud and/or dam are not available for prospective puppy buyers to view, I will have recent pictures of the absent dog(s). The pictures should show conformational detail, i.e. a side, front, and rear view on which the buyer can judge the absent parent and make an informed decision.


    1. I agree to maintain good standards of health and care for my dogs, including proper veterinary care.

    2. Socialization is a critical element in the mental stability of the Stabyhoun and must be considered an essential part of every breeding program. Equally important is that new owners continue the socialization once the pup goes to their new home.

    3. I agree that the conditions, under which the dogs are bred, must satisfy the following criteria:

      • The health and welfare of the sire and dam is maintained at all times;

      • The separation of dogs from bitches must be possible in order to prevent unplanned matings;

      • The whelping area must meet the following criteria:

        1. Sufficient room to allow the mother to remove herself from the reach of the pups;

        2. Food and water available for the mother nearby;

        3. Access to an area for the mother and later, the pups, to relieve themselves;

        4. Adequate ventilation and/or temperature control for the area;

        5. Sanitary area indoors for the whelping and rearing of the pups.

If the ASA establishes, that one or more of these named situations at the kennel are not satisfied, I will be notified of this violation in writing and upon receipt of that notice I will have ten (10) days to correct the situation to become in accordance with the criteria above.

    • I will ensure that the pups are de-wormed, vaccinated and chipped according to normal veterinary rules, and will provide a completed list of vaccinations and other information on a form provided by the BAC to be filled in by a licensed veterinarian. I will not allow a pup to leave the mother prior to reaching the age of 7 weeks and with the full knowledge that they are healthy and have had the required veterinarian care.

    • I agree to foster regular contact with the Buyers of my pups regarding health, weight, appearance and character information, training progress, problems, concerns or questions. This information is of great value in evaluating the breeding program. I agree to make this information available to the Breeders Advisory Committee upon request.

    • If I produce a litter of puppies and for some reason become unable to care for, sell or place the puppies resulting from that litter, I will offer the litter to the Board of the ASA for placement. If necessary, no money will be exchanged, putting the life and welfare of the puppies first.

    • I will provide for the registration of all pups with the FCI by ensuring that the sire and dam are properly registered as well as the litter. This information is necessary for keeping an accurate database for the ASA and the NVSW, the Dutch Stabyhoun Association.

    • I will provide for the registration of all pups with the AKC (FSS program) by ensuring that the sire and dam are properly registered as well as the litter.

    • If I am unable to keep my Stabyhoun, for any reason, I will contact the breeder and the Secretary of the ASA Board of Directors ( so they may attempt to place the dog in a new and suitable home.

    • I will provide, asked and unsolicited, any available and known data about my dogs and their offspring that is of interest to the Breeders Advisory Committee and the ASA Board.


I will refuse to sell to or recommend breeders or individuals who do not conform to the ASA Code of Ethics.

I will not sell or donate dogs to commercial dog wholesalers, dealers, brokers, retailers, pet shops or any other person or organization, for resale or “give-away” to the public. I will not supply dogs or puppies for charity raffles or auctions. I will not supply puppies or dogs to be trained or used for dog fighting.  I will not sell puppies to pet shops or other retailers.

      • I will use a contract or written agreement with every sale or purchase involving a Stabyhoun that will contain as a minimum all of the essential elements of an ASA approved sales contract. To the best of my ability, I will state clearly to a buyer whether the puppy or dog being sold is potentially a pet or breeding quality dog and will so stipulate in my contract.

      • I agree that I will not sell a Stabyhoun to a person who is purchasing a Stabyhoun with breeding prospect if they will not become a member of the American Stabyhoun Association and subscribe to its Constitution and Bylaws and sign the current ASA Code of Ethics. I agree to make a full disclosure to these purchasers about what procedures will be necessary to determine the dog’s breeding ability at a later date.

      • I will give buyers of puppies or adult dogs accurate health, breeding and litter registration records and at least a 4-generation pedigree. Registration papers may be withheld on a Stabyhoun suspected of carrying a serious fault that would make it detrimental for breeding purposes until the Stabyhoun has proven otherwise or been rendered incapable of reproducing. However, the seller must keep the registration on file and available for future needs. The withholding of registration papers must be in written agreement and signed by both the buyer and seller and must be included in every pet-quality contract. The ASA also discourages breeders from co-ownership of their puppies, preferring to use limited registrations where warranted.

      • I will require that my puppy buyers render incapable of reproducing any Stabyhoun that has developed disqualifying or serious faults (this includes a bad temperament). As a breeder, I will make every serious effort to see that every dog will have an adequate home and will be given proper care.

      • I will urge my puppy purchasers to provide puppy obedience training at the proper age, and purchasers of adult dogs to begin obedience training immediately.

      • The ASA does not condone SALES-LEASE (breeders terms) arrangements or placements of Stabyhoun.


    1. I agree that my advertising, oral and written, shall be factual and not worded so as to attract undesirable buyers, or to encourage the raising of purebred Stabyhoun as an “easy money” scheme.

    2. I will not knowingly misrepresent the characteristics of the breed, nor falsely advertise, or mislead any person regarding the performance of any dogs for sale or puppies for sale.


    1. I will agree to breed in a discriminate manner and only upon strong evidence of the possibility of finding suitable homes for the resulting puppies. I understand, and agree that to breed indiscriminately may contribute to the deterioration of the Stabyhoun breed and lead to overpopulation.

    2. I agree to use for breeding only those Stabyhouns that conform to the official breed standard as adopted by the Federation Cynologique Internationale, hereafter referred to as the FCI, and accepted by the ASA.

    3. I will breed only for the purpose of improving the quality of the breed. I will not engage in crossbreeding without the approval of the ASA.

    4. I shall conduct myself at all times in a manner that will reflect credit upon me, the ASA, and the breed, regardless of the location or circumstances, but especially when attending dog shows or trials, whether as an exhibitor or spectator.

    5. I will not deliberately degrade any fancier, their dogs, or their kennel.

    6. I will be honest and ethical in my financial dealings with buyers.

    7. I agree that I will not participate in the breeding of my Stabyhoun with a person who does not subscribe to and sign the current ASA Code of Ethics.

    8. If I should become aware of the maltreatment, misuse or need for relocation of any Stabyhoun, I will notify the Secretary of the ASA Board of Directors ( and the breeder for a resolution of the problem.

    9. I understand that failure to follow the Breeding Regulations will result in a warning and may cause my membership in the club to be rescinded excluding all my Stabyhoun from breeding with ASA members’ dogs. If any of the regulations above are violated or over-stepped, one or more of the following punishments may be administered:

— Reprimand

— Temporary or lasting disqualification of the breeder or individual from ASA membership;

— Temporary or permanent withdrawal of the right to serve as an officer.


The total responsibility for breeding and whelping pups lies with the breeder. The ASA and its Board of Directors accept absolutely no liability with respect to possible faults in the pup resulting from breeding, even if the breeder follows all the provisions in these regulations. Any consultation with the ASA regarding the selection of breeding lines or prospective homes for puppies shall be at the breeder’s own risk.