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Breeders Advisory Committee

Breeders Advisory Committee

Chairwoman, Dr. Megan Hilf

To contact the Breeders Advisory Committee (BAC), please click here.

Committee members

Cindy Pfister, Susie Nies, Lori Raymond, Jessica Angel, Blis Devault, and Ruth Georgia.

The ASA takes breeding seriously as the choices made in breeding inherently effect the health and welfare of the breed’s success as a whole. Genetic diversity is essential and our team of Breed Advisors is well equipped to give our breeders the best advice possible in choosing a mate.

Our Breeders Advisors are always in close contact with the Dutch advisors to stay on top of all new developments in the Stabyhoun worldwide. Since 2006, our association has been recognized by the Dutch Association for the Stabij- and Wetterhoun, the NVSW, for our careful efforts to promote and protect this beautiful breed in all of North America.

Megan Hilf is a licensed veterinarian. She brings not only her own experience through her practices, but years of ongoing training and education. With her input, the committee can carefully control and assess any potential health risks within the breeding matches. She maintains a database of the health on all North American Stabys.  Megan owns three Stabys – Stella, Melanies, and Asher.

Susie Nies and her husband Dennis Anest have been members of the ASA since 2007. Soon after adopting their first Stabyhoun, Brie, Susie became a volunteer with the club. Susie has served on the board, the Specialty committee, and the BAC. Susie and Dennis currently have 3 Stabyhouns: Diede, Haven, and Amerins. Brie is forever in their hearts and over the rainbow bridge. Susie has bred Brie and Diede, and looking forward to breeding Haven and Amerins. Susie is committed to the preservation of this amazing breed, and is thrilled to be working with our members as well as our partner clubs internationally.

Lori Raymond previously served on the ASA board as Secretary, and has been active on the ASA Education/Training committee and as a volunteer at the ASA Specialties in Latrobe. She imported her dog “Intske” in 2014 and “Anne” in 2019, from the Netherlands.  While in the NL in 2019, she attended the spring Breeder Advisory Board meeting of the NVSW in Zutphen, NL and she has attended Fokkersdag (Breeders day in the NL, where litters are evaluated) in 2015 and plans to attend in 2020 to reunite with Anne’s littermates.  Her areas of interest includes canine genetics, puppy whelping and socialization, and positive training techniques.  She has completed several courses with the Institute for Canine Biology (ICB), attended the 2018 Canadian Kennel Club Conference on Stud Dog Management with Dr. Gayle Watkins and small animal immunology expert Dr. Laurie Larson of the University of Wisconsin; the 2017 Care Conference in Montreal, PQ with Myra Savant-Harris and Gayle Watkins of AviDog International, the Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine Successful Breeding conference in 2016.

Cindy Pfister, is a dog trainer and behavior expert. Her knowledge into the “inner thoughts” and workings of the Staby make her an ideal candidate for evaluating temperament. Owning a stable and mentally balanced Staby is a high priority for our members and we stress this aspect in shaping the pairings and in working with our breeders during the first eight weeks of a puppy’s life. Cindy owns Leeske, Saga, and Nymke.

Jessica Angel lives in Edmonds, Washington with her husband, John. Jessica and John live with their 2 Stabyhouns, Finn and Summer along with other furry, feathery, and scaley pets. Jessica combines her love of animals with her career. She works as a Veterinary Assistant.

Ruth Georgia has volunteered to help with the
communication between the breeders and the new prospective owners. We get so many emails and questions from interested parties about our breed and Ruth is a wizard at keeping this important area fulfilled.