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My Bio:

Dax is the perfect family companion. He has boundless energy and loves to play, but is happiest snuggling with his people. He quickly recognizes people he has met before and greets them like old friends. He has the ability to make everyone he meets feel special and will joyfully squeeze his head through the gap in the fence to ask the next door neighbor how his Saturday is going. Dax is bold and has few fears. He has been known to come to the window to watch fireworks and loves being dried with a hairdryer.

Dax sees himself as an equal partner in all things, and as such must have complete trust in his training partner. He will refuse to work if he deems you rude or un-fun. While he’s never admitted it to us, we believe that Dax is fully convinced he is the smartest one in the room at any given time. Dax is exceptionally clever and has taught himself to open doors and cabinets and will bring us the treat bag if we forget his nightly dental bone. Dax excels in basic and advanced obedience and enjoys playing scent games around the house. Dax considers himself a primary caretaker for the youngest two-legged member of our family and can be found nearly every night sitting next to the bath, supervising bath time. As both human adult family members of Dax’s household work from home, Dax has a full-time job as our office admin.

Dax lives in Powell, OH