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Membership Committee

Membership Committee

Chairwoman, Peggy Anderson

To contact the Membership Committee, please click here.

Committee members

Lee Brewer, Shelley Cameron, Darlene Zelazo, and Janet Hall.

The membership committee maintains a database of the entire Stabyhoun population in North America, both members and non-members. This data is also regularly sent to the Netherlands Stabyhoun association to update the records kept on the total population. Whether or not someone wishes to join and contribute to our club, our membership committee is there with open arms. No request for help is turned down. They even work to rehome those “look-alike” mixed breed rescues that resemble our pedigreed Stabys and welcome these people to be contributing members. They respect all dogs, pedigreed or not, and want to make sure that we contribute money and our time towards those in need.

Peggy owns Traverse, a handsome and energetic male Staby of nearly two years. She will continue maintaining our excel database for all known North American Stabys.

Shelley, Darlene, and Janet are assisting with the multiple tasks of bringing members together with new puppies, welcome letters, opportunities to be ambassadors for the breed, and more. We are grateful to have so many people helping Page to keep our members in touch with each other.