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Sjarme Lutte Fan de Wilde Mar (Llewy)

My Bio:

Llewy fits into family life perfectly. He is such a joy. He adapts to every situation so that he can join in on all family activities. Llewy is intelligent and goofy, patient and demanding, friendly and protective, and smothers us with his love.

Activities Llewy enjoys are: playing with balls and squeak toys, going for walks, running off-leash, boating and swimming, and chasing shadows. What he most loves is snuggling with us, and then wrapping himself in blankets under our recliner while we watch TV.

Llewy is attentive and eager when learning new skills, especially when his favorite treats are available. Though we would like to think we are his best friends, his buddy is Cadeautje, a 3 year old Nederlandse Kooikerhondje. No matter what we do or where we go, one thing is for sure – EVERYONE loves Llewy!

Llewy resides in western Massachusetts.