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Abel Skylar Windmolen en Tulpen , call name “Solo”

Solo lives in Myrtle Beach, SC.

Click on photo on the left to see pedigree for Solo.

Our dogs bio:

Solo is our first Staby and certainly will not be our last.  He is such a happy boy and makes us laugh every day.  He lives with two cats and has never shown any signs of aggression toward animals or humans.

Solo is not interested in hunting and does not chase fowl or other small animals.  He is however a natural herding dog.  He walks the beach daily, and loves camping, hiking, and playing ball.

In 2019, Solo participated in the ASA Specialty Show.  There he was judged and received and excellent and very good rating.  At the show, he was tested and received the Canine Good Citizen and the Farm Dog certifications.

What impresses us the most is his willingness to learn.  He is very intelligent and wants to please us.  He is a quick learner and his nose work is extraordinary.

To say Solo has stolen our heart is an understatement.