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My Bio:

Finn has converted us into lifelong Stabyhoun people. He is such a personality, always wearing his emotions on his sleeve! He is highly social, wanting to meet new dogs and people whenever he can. He makes lifelong friends wherever he goes! He still has his watchdog instinct though, alerting us to anything or anyone suspicious.

He has a strong chase instinct but minimal hunting desire. He doesn’t even hurt his toys! And once we learned his motivators were play and affection rather than food, he has become a fast and eager learner, always wanting to try new things and figure out any puzzle we can come up with! He is very active and eager, but also independent. He will try anything but his favorite games are those relying on his own abilities and wit such as parkour, scent work, and trick training.

He is also able to be calm and lazy when we are, and loves to snuggle on the couch together, tucking his head under our chins for a wonderful hug. 

Finn lives in Edmonds, WA