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ASA Behavior and Training Committee

ASA Behavior and Training Committee

Kathy Banks, Committee Chair




The Ameri-Can Stabyhoun Behavior and Training has been organized into three separate groups to better focus on Membership’s Training Needs:

  1. Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Stabyhoun behavior problem solving, manners, fears/anxieties.
  2. Puppies – Ages 2-12 months – Puppy socialization, learning, foundation
  3. Sports and Performance – Coaching for competition, fun and/or back yard activities


Members of the ASA are volunteering their time to help the entire Association with questions or advice in each area.  Facebook groups are being formed for posting specific questions, advice, articles, videos for each of the areas.

OUR GOALS:  The Behavior and Training Committee Pledges to Increase the…


  1. Stabyhoun Owner’s Awareness of training options for developing their Stabyhoun’s good manners, puppy stability, sports/activities safe and fun participation.

  2. Community Awareness of the Stabyhoun Breed in North America by increasing Membership participation in community events, canine sport participation and fun activities.

  3. Quality of Coaching, Assistance and Help we give our Membership!


Behavior and Training Committee Members and Coaches


Ain’t Misbehavin’ – Cindy Pfister, Chair; Megan Hilf (Consultant); Kathy Banks

Puppy Training – Susan Hoyles, Chair


Sports and Perfermance Committee – Kathy Banks, Chair

Scent Work

Nosework:  Mary Meila, Coach and Judge

Barn Hunt: Cindy Pfister, Coach and Judge

Tracking: Kathy Banks, Coach


Field/Gun and Retrieving:  Roger Abbey, Coach

Speed and Accuracy

Agility:  Caroline Le Bel, Coach

Flyball:  TBD


Obedience:  Eva Suzanne Layton, Coach

Rally: Ari Goerlich, Coach

Conformation:  TBD

FreeStyle and Tricks, Kathy Banks, Coach


Canine Good Citizen and Farm Dog:  Cindy Pfister, Judge and Coach


Dock Diving: Ari Goerlich

Swimming, Paddle Boarding, etc – TBD


Animal, Lure Coursing, Treibball – TBD

Canine Mental and Physical Conditioning

Strength, Muscle Warm up and Cool Down – TBD

Stretching – TBD