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My Bio:

Star is a wonderful companion and family dog. He has a sweet and loving personality and enjoys hanging out with us. His face is beautiful, his markings are even and his coat is soft (and great smelling, even after a walk in the rain!). He is the spitting image of his dad Luke. With Star’s good looks we frequently get stopped and asked about him and the breed. 

Star is very social and enjoys the company of other dogs and people. He loves to be outside and meet new dogs on our walks. His favorite activity is chasing after squirrels and chipmunks or running after balls. Going on car rides is easy with this Staby, no matter how long they are (e.g. Chicago to southern Florida and back). It would be very easy to forget that there is even a dog in the car, that’s how well be behaves. 

Some of Star’s other qualities include foot massages (licks) and making us laugh, for example with loud yawns in the morning, funny howling sounds to greet us when we come home to him or parading around the house with a towel over his head and body. He is such a silly and funny guy. At home he is calm and quiet, taking frequent naps throughout the day, but he will bark when there is someone at the door. He hears when a package gets dropped off at the doorstep and alerts us right away. However, he is friendly with visitors when we greet them.

Star enjoys learning tricks like roll over, play dead, go around, speak (bark on command), etc. He is eager to please and always up for something new. We could not have asked for a better family dog. 
Check out Star’s Instagram page @ star_the_stabyhoun for more pictures. 

Star lives in Naperville, IL